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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

round button chicken


To prove that occasionally the sun DOES shine and sends the temperatures positively soaring to the high 70s, the children playing on the beach at Sandymount Strand.  Allen writes about that here with more pictures.


Noah loves to pull off his socks and pretend they are mittens.  The other day I found him struggling to get his socks off his feet and he said "Socks are stuck on my mitten holders!"  We have been calling his feet "mitten holders" ever since.


The children had a wonderful time pretending to be castle guards at Dublin Castle.  
I wrote about that here.


Do you notice the spot in this room, the children's room to be exact, that is just the perfect size for a crib?

Moving blew little Noah's mind.  He kept waking up, disoriented, in the middle of the night and there was much trotting back and forth with the big kids being woken quite frequently.  I cried uncle after a few days when the tummy bug ran through the family.  It was quite an effort but I did finally get him sleeping in his crib although only in our room and within sight of me.  I'm still hopeful that we will get him moved back in but Noah is a child who does things in his own time and I can bang my head against a wall for months or just be patient.

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