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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

round button chicken

I've read Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real for ages.  Today I finally get to participate!


After seeing lovely flowers growing in window boxes, on lintels, hanging baskets and in front gardens, I decided I simply had to get something pretty going in our yard.  So, it got off to a late start but here is my attempt at a window box.  I asked Charlie to smile and this is what I got.  :-)

And a close up of the fuscias


We went on a train day trip last weekend.  We saw a lovely old cemetery and church ruins as well as some breathtaking scenery.  We also got to visit Avoca (where Ballykissangle was filmed) and Woolen Mills where they do lovely hand weaving.  Megan fell apart after the mill tour so we hung out (read: Megan lost in in the grass while I made sure she didn't fall into the stream) while the boys toured Avoca.  I held hands during the ruins to avoid children leaving with sprained ankles.  Noah spent the train journey firmly ensconced in my lap.  But!  I did manage to get a picture during lunch!

Instead of sugar packets, the Mill cafe proffered individually wrapped sugar lumps- not cubes, mind you but actual LUMPS!

Fear not, I got a couple of other quick shots and Allen got tons which I have to pilfer so more pictures to come!


Wednesday was Noah's second birthday.  After we finished eating, Linda volunteered to read Little Bear.  Charlie was busy being a robot (or perhaps a plane?) but Megan and Noah were eager to listen.


Laundry is the bane of my existence a constant exercise in futility my current exciting opportunity for personal growth!  When I finished hanging yet another load on the line (with 4 more yet to do and I do it just about every day- an Irish load is about 1/3-1/2 the size of an American one)

The sky looked like this:

Being new to the country, I'm never terribly clear if things are blowing in, out, or over.  About 15 minutes before I took this picture, it was bright with friendly puffs.  15 minutes later the clouds had built and jackets were donned.  15 minutes beyond that, we were back to clear blue.  

I've become accustomed to keeping a weather eye out the window; hanging up the laundry is one of those leaps of faith that with the weather report and radar both claiming that not a drop is falling for 100 miles so surely the laundry will be safe.  One would think that this would be good reason for the Irish to embrace dryers.


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  1. Welcome to p,h,f,r. I enjoyed this post and the weather post. Keep up the reporting from Ireland!